Why do Phone Technicians Lie ?

If you ask any person who has been to a phone repair shop, about their experience you will probably get about 90% of them to have at least once a bad experience! and one of their questions is why do phone technicians lie about the jobs they have to perform on devices?

Phone Technicians Lie
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This is a common issue worldwide whereby you can take a phone to a technician to be fixed and you end up with a frustrating experience or a never-ending lie! Some of the most common excuses from technicians can be:

  • The price can be hiked for a simple repair
  • The agreed time is not always fulfilled
  • You can be tricked to change something which is not even bad.
  • A one hour job can take days or weeks because once you leave the phone is set aside
  • Replacing with fake parts or parts that are substandard
  • You can be left with a dead phone for poor servicing
  • Some parts missing after the repair
  • They can take an original part from your phone and replace it with a poor-quality part.

All these and many other issues can be found in almost every repair shop. The best advice for customers is first:

  • Get a word of mouth approval or recommendation of the technician from friends and family
  • If it’s a simple repair don’t leave the shop until sorted out
  • Ask if they have a repair warranty
  • Cheap can be expensive. Be wary of cheap repair shops
  • Before you take the device to the technician, you can simply google the issue with your device to get first-hand information about what you will be required for the repair.

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