Should Your Business Start Adopting Online-to-offline Marketing?

Do you own a brick-and-mortar business? Then chances are business has been slow due to all the shelter in place recommendations of health experts. As more people practice isolation and social distancing rules, fewer people are on the streets. They now spend more time on the Internet to work, socialize, and buy the things they need and want.

online and offline marketing

According to an article published by Forbes, Internet usage surged 70%during the pandemic. This is one of the reasons why more companies started boosting their online marketing efforts. As economies start to open, businesses are torn between making adjustments to their marketing campaign or to spend most of their resources on digital marketing. But if your goal is for your brick-and-mortar business to thrive during and post-pandemic, then you might want to start adopting online-to-offline marketing commerce.

What is Online-to-offline Commerce?

This business strategy is also known as O2O Marketing. O2O aims to entice online consumers using digital marketing techniques and lure them to leave the Internet and complete purchases in physical stores. In a nutshell, O2O marketing enables you to boost brand awareness in the online space while enticing consumers to visit and do business with your retail locations.

Adopting O2O commerce offers many benefits to your company. For one, you can start competing with e-commerce companies. While it is true that consumers do online research and shopping, many still want the personal experience that only real-life shopping has to offer. The COVID-19 crisis did change how retail stores operate. But if you can reassess how to provide a safe in-store experience for your clients, then you can increase foot traffic.

Statistics show that 65% of businesses doO2O to drive offline engagement. The more target audiences you engage with using your online marketing strategies, the better your chances of enticing them to make in-store purchases. But the question is, how can one make O2O work?

O2o Marketing Strategies You Can Consider

Before we dive into effective O2O marketing strategies you must assure your online consumers that you are prioritizing their health during the pandemic. Sure, you may already have new signs set up from your favorite local signage supplier and did a bit of improvement in your physical location. But with an ongoing pandemic, it is only a must that you do more than abide by new health and safety rules and regulations. This can include boosting your store’s speed of service, introducing other ways to do their shopping, and contactless transactions.

online and offline marketing

One strategy you can consider adopting is a Click and Collect Service. This is also known as BOPIS or Buy Online, Pickup In-Store. This allows consumers to shop for the things they need from your store online and giving them the option to pick up their orders.

Statistics show that 67% of consumers in the U.S. already used click and collect services. Up to 49% made additional purposes while collecting their orders. This means you too can boost your sales and increase your chances of selling more if you adapt the click and collect service.

Offline Retargeting, on the other hand, is one way to connect with consumers who failed to complete their purchase. This allows you to focus on marketing products your customers are already interested in, do advanced segmentation together with precise targeting to come up with the best possible offer.

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Take note that you can only use offline retargeting to convert online shoppers who already have the intention of buying certain products. You have the option to send them direct mails or send emails containing discounts they can use for in-store purchases. Studies show that retargeting allows companies to boost conversion for up to 150%.If you can pull off offline retargeting, you can instantly boost your offline sales in no time.

Printable offers are another strategy you can use to increase foot traffic. You will be providing your online consumers with offers and discounts using the print out coupons they can print themselves. It allows you to sell products at a discounted price or offer freebies to your in-store clients provided they take valid printable offers with them while shopping. With statistics showing that 45% of American shoppers taking advantage of print out coupons to make in-store purchases, it only makes sense that your business starts taking advantage of this trend.

The pandemic may have caused a slowdown in your revenue. But there are still ways you can turn things around for the better. You can consider O2O marketing to slowly increase your offline sales. Remember that your marketing strategies should always work together to achieve the best results. With O2O, you can start converting your online consumers into offline conversions.

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