Managing Your Restaurant’s Cleanliness and Hygiene Issues

A food business tends to face more cleanliness and hygiene issues more than any other business. It would take only one food poisoning case in a customer, or a single slip incident, and your restaurant can possibly be closed down.

Managing Restaurant Cleanliness

In a busy restaurant, food mess is unavoidable, which can be a safety hazard for your employees and customers. Stepping on a spilled drink or dropped food will make things unpleasant for you as a manager or owner. To handle this cleanliness and safety issue, you should get janitorial services from reputable companies such as MC Janitorial. Janitors must always be present at your premises, especially that you’re dealing with something as sensitive as food.

Impact on Employee Safety

Your kitchen staff will constantly be moving around, and because they’re preoccupied with tasks, they may not notice some ingredients or ingredient residues on the floor. Spilled liquids pose slipping hazards, and with hot equipment all over your kitchen, the injuries your kitchen staff may sustain could be gravely serious. Prevent these accidents by having spills and other kitchen mess cleared as soon as they appear.

Impact on Customer Safety and Satisfaction

An untidy restaurant will automatically repel customers. On the other hand, your restaurant might be clean, but the food may turn out not to be. Contaminated food may cause food poisoning and other diseases alike.

Hire janitorial staff to keep your restaurant tidy and attractive to customers. And to ensure that your food is safe for consumption, make sure your employees wash their hands before touching the food. Also require them to have their nails clipped regularly, wear hairnets and protective gloves, and to always clean utensils, cooking ware, and cutlery before reusing them.

In addition, monitor the food handling procedure, whether the raw meat is being stored in the freezer, and if they’re cooked properly so as to not allow germs to contaminate them.

Proper Cleaning and Hygiene Tips

Other than the kitchen, cleanliness should also be observed in the toilet, floors, and dining areas. If you spot cockroaches and other pests loitering around your restaurant, then it signifies that thorough cleaning is needed.

Toilets are prone to viruses and bacteria, so the floors should always be mopped, and toilet bowls and seats should always be scrubbed even before dirt becomes visible. Bathroom fixtures should be disinfected, as well as doorknobs. Soap and toilet paper should always be readily available. To ensure that this is followed, have an employee responsible for monitoring toilet maintenance and cleanliness.

As for the floors, it would help to place a floor mat by the entrance, where customers can rub off the soles of their shoes before they can walk on the floors of your restaurant. This would prevent any outside dirt from entering your premises.

Every once in a while, perform a deep cleaning to eliminate soil residue in the tile grout. Bleach or water and soap can be used as deep cleaning agents.

Refer to your local health department when deciding on a cleaning and disinfectant product to use. They have standards on the right products to use, as well as proper food storage techniques. When you follow all regulations and abide by the standards, your restaurant will be awarded certificates that prove its cleanliness, safety, and compliance.

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