Something to Remember: Jewelry as Mementos

When it comes to commemorating things, there is nothing like jewelry to mark a special event. Whether it is a wedding anniversary or a loved one passing on, there is always a jewelry piece that fits the occasion. Here is a quick look at what you can use to remember a date or achievement. You might even use them in your unique ways.

Jewelry as Mementos

For example,leadership training eventscan offer rings similar to the class rings that are so popular in schools. This is a great way to create a memento that the participants can show off and use as a way to recognize each other. This quick overview should give you a few ideas and help prepare you for future events.

Class Rings

One of the few pieces of jewelry that men and women can wear with ease,a class ringis a way for students of a school or college to show that they went to a particular institution. This is an old tradition that started back in 1835 when a class at the United States Military Academy at West Point decided to offer rings to the entire graduating class of that year. It slowly spread out from there, with various colleges and schools offering class rings for particular batches of students.

Though it has been a hundred years, the class ring tradition is still going strong. But it is not the rings of yesterday. The bulky look of the past is not fashionable nowadays, so many class rings are usually thinner and more discreet. Sometimes, they are not rings.

You can now get class rings in bracelet form or even a necklace. The great thing about class rings is that they are often a group effort. The entire class decides on the designandsend it off to be made. Class rings are evolving with the world, and we might see a new twist on them soon.

Mourning Jewelry

Moving from a happy event to a sad one, mourning jewelry refers to attractive pieces dedicated to the memory of the dead. Jewelry to remember the dead has been aroundfor more than 2,000 years. But they only became fashionable around the 17th and 18th centuries. This was when memorial rings first came into use. The deceased would instruct in their will a specific number of rings or mementos to be made. The executors of the will would then follow instructions on whom they are to go to.

Jewelry as Mementos

Mourning jewelry found its heyday during the 19th century. This was when the Victorians took mourning jewelry to another level. Black jewelry, usually made of jet, became very popular as a way to remember passed loved ones. Additionally, these pieces usually had a piece of deceased, most likely a lock of hair or something similar. With the emerging technology of photography, people were also sealing small photos of the dead into their jewelry.

The modern version of mourning jewelry is much more complicated. The current fashion is to call them cremation jewelry, mainly because of their creation process. Jewelers create synthetic gems from cremation ashes and use them as centerpieces of the jewelry. This is a great way to have a piece of your loved one always close to you.

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Retirement Gifts

Another time when jewelry can be a significant part is when it is time for retirement. Retiring employees deserve a gift or two as a sign of appreciation. The original retirement gift wasa gold watch,and this was from a tradition by the Pepsi Company in the 1940s. The original sentiment was that considering all the time that the employee gave the company, the company was giving them “time” back. Other companies picked it up, but you don’t see many gold watches nowadays. It is a much different gift that many companies give.

While jewelry like cuff links, engraved necklaces, and the like are popular choices, there are other more useful ones out there. Most executives now receive a bag of golf clubs when they retire, indicating that they’ll now have to enjoy the green. Other retirement gifts can be linked to a person’s hobbies and interests. Still, some shiny jewelry can be a nice gift for a retiree.

Jewelry is a great way to mark the milestones in a person’s life, whether male or female. Something shiny and pretty is always appreciated.

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