Internet 911: How the Online Space Saved Small Businesses

To say we’re living in dire straits is a gross understatement. Sports have been reduced to playing ball in the yard as gyms and sports houses are temporarily closed. Plus, we’re bombarded by all the sad news of people dying daily due to the virus. It’s as surreal as it gets. Still, those who have fallen have numbered by the tens of thousands. If that is not enough to send a tingling sensation to your spine, think about the nearly30 million cases of Americans infected with the virus.

To make matters worse, all this comes financial ruin. And none the worse affected than small business. Already, a hundred thousand has folded, a sad footnote to history.

The good news is the internet has come to the rescue. In the dark tunnel that we face, doing business online has become a beacon of hope. One of the things that experts realize is COVID-19 has hastened the online adoption of small businesses, perhaps for good. Before, tapping the potential of online transactions was but an option; these days, online has become a must. And not by chance. Here’s why.

Internet Saved Businesses

Staying Afloat Through the Internet

As traditional brick-and-mortar stores are losing their clout thanks to virus restrictions, small businesses that pivoted from offline to online increased their chances of surviving. A survey shows that about 35% of small businesses started offering their services online when the pandemic hit the town.

For many, this move has become essential as there was no other way to get revenue. Non-essential travel restrictions are installed. For some, online services offered extra income that should go a long way to stay afloat and stop bleeding.

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But the transition is never a cinch. A classic example of this is Locomotion Fitness. You could say the company which offers in-person fitness classes shifted to online within just 48 hours. It didn’t blink, so to speak. They knew they had to. And changed just like that. They did this even when they had already a long-term plan for the whole year, something they had to nix.;

Their secret recipe? Zoom classes. By making classes available via Zoom, Locomotion was able to keep its current customers. And keep their subscription-based business alive and kicking.

Then there’s Mobile Escape. The Canadian escape room experts did business in person. The excitement was there. The problem is the virus made it impossible for clients to enjoy the service physically.

The solution? Mobile Escape did a pivot. It created Escape Mail, a puzzle of sorts that you can solve online. It was timely. As customers were on lockdown, a monthly puzzle can be a great way to pass the time. And it was a massive hit. They call it a lockdown lifesaver.

Internet Saved Businesses

Why Your Online Presence Is a Must

Now, as a small business, you might not be so inclined to get your brand an online presence. But you should take notice. As the virus is still much in circulation, placing everyone in lockdown, customers and patrons will opt to find products and services online. Your loyal customers will want to see you there.

What happens if you don’t have an online presence is anybody’s guess. For sure, your brand will definitely not be in front of potential clientele.

This is also the reason a company with SEO services can be a treasure trove. By helping your business get found on online searches, experts from this firm ensure you stay relevant to your customers. And strengthen your hold on the target market.

Take note; there are, on average,5.6 billion Google searches in just a day. Some of these searches could be potential clients looking for your service.

A study showed that a whopping 87% of customers in America start their product search online. With the pandemic raging like never before, these percentages have highly-likely risen higher.

Equipping Yourself

By now, you should be planning how to make the most of your online presence. We’re talking about equipping yourself with some of the most lethal tools to slice the lion’s share of your market: a stunning website, social media that rocks.

Luckily, doing business online has its perks. For starters, you will not be short of back-up data. Where before, your brick-and-mortar store will have a hard time tracking walk-ins, your website can give you all the data you need to be able to come up with spot-on marketing. That includes telling you the pages they looked into, how many minutes or seconds they spent on each page, and even give you how many times a visitor came back to research your site.

Indeed, there’s a whole new world waiting for you online. It has saved many small businesses from damnation. With due diligence, it should save yours, too.

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