How Multimedia Is Embedded in Today’s Marketing

Communication has always been one of the foundations of human civilization. When Marshall McLuhan famously said, “the medium is the message,” back in 1964, he meant that the medium with which a message is sent shapes and controls ‘the scale and form of human association and action.’ That means how people convey messages is as important as what messages they are trying to convey.

In this increasingly digital world, McLuhan’s words are only continuing to gain traction. There are now tons of ways to interact and communicate with one another.

If you own or manage a business, it’s essential to get a good grasp of these modern methods of communication and apply it to how you engage with your customers.

This article aims to show the increasing role of multimedia in digital marketing today.

The Modern Consumer

With the amount of accessible information out there, consumers have their pick on which content to digest. Because of this, high-quality content that is delivered with impact beats all others. And as you can probably tell, this can rarely be achieved by plain text.

multimedia marketing

There are several reasons consumers choose multimedia content instead of their alternatives.

  • Speed – Videos, for example, convey information much faster than a block of plain text. The world today is always in motion. People hold their phones during most, if not all, of their downtime. If they only have two minutes to burn, you can bet they’ll watch a video over reading an article.
  • Holistic – Compared to plain text, photos and videos engage more senses. According to Teach, information is better learned and retained when more senses are involved in their absorption. They attribute this to the various intelligences humans possess. That is why it can be easier to forget something you’ve read compared to something you’ve watched.
  • Ease of Use – People understand multimedia content easier because, at times, it can also be easier for the content creators to convey what they’re trying to say in this medium. Imagine having to describe a scene through words instead of just taking a picture with your phone.

Social Media

Social media also had a hand in promoting multimedia content. The ability to share photos, videos, audio clips, animations, and other multimedia content with each other gives a certain expectation to consumers that businesses should do the same. It’s similar to learning and speaking the language of the people to communicate with them.

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There are also a lot of social media tools that encourage marketers to make the most of the platform-anything from the ability to livestream to paid ad placements when people scroll through their feeds.

That said, businesses can also just use social media normally, posting photos and videos that highlight the strength of their enterprise. As long as the content offers quality, value, and a little entertainment, it will get traction.

Use Multimedia

There are several ways to leverage multimedia to create compelling content for your marketing efforts. Even with just your mobile phone or computer, you can create videos, photos, animations, and other multimedia content.

multimedia marketing

There are also outsourcing services out there that can connect you to freelance or full-time multimedia professionals that can help you create great content. According to NarraSoft, collaboration is one of the most significant advantages in the multimedia industry in the digital age.

With these ideas in mind, you can create content that makes use of multimedia. Not only can you capture your target audience’s attention, but you can also engage with them.

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