Hi-Tech Car Mods That Bring Your Car to the Next Century

Hi-Tech Car Mods

Auto shows and Hollywood movies have always featured automobile technologies that are more science fiction than science fact, but that may soon change. Right now, aftermarket car mods companies already offer advanced mods you can have in your car. Meanwhile, many mainstream car manufacturers are expected to have them in upcoming models as standard.

In this article, we list a few of the advanced features that are, or are soon-to-be-available for your car.

Remote Car Starter

There are a few aftermarket car mod companies that make little black boxes that you install into your car, and let you start the vehicle by remote control. Viper is one of them. Viper’s remote-control starting system, the Viper DS4, allows car owners to start, lock, or unlock the vehicle with a proprietary smartphone app, Viper SmartStart. With this remote starting system, the user can start the vehicle to warm or cool its interior before entering the cabin. Apart from starting the car, users can also unlock or lock the doors and trunk, arm or disarm the alarm, locate the car via GPS, get mobile alerts if and when the car enters or leaves a GPS-marked area or goes over a preset speed.

Heads-Up Display

Commercial airliners and fighter jets have had heads-up display technology in their cockpits for years, and some car accessories manufacturers have had them too. One example is GPS navigation device maker Garmin. Their HUD is a lightweight, compact device you place on your dashboard and it projects information on a transparent film you place on your windshield or on a reflector lens. The device give navigational directions in real time, the speed limit, and the location of speed cameras.

While you can buy Garmin’s HUD today, a similar and probably better HUD is in the works by General Motors. The automaker is preparing their own full windshield-projected HUD that uses Augmented Reality (AR) to highlight roads in poor visibility, “encircle” other oncoming cars, pedestrians, and even highlight destinations as they come into view of your windshield. You can see how it works and appears in this video. This will likely be a standard feature in some GM cars next year. Should GM’s full-windshield HUD be available as an add-on to cars that don’t have it, you should find the right shop to install it; like this one that does windshield replacement in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Car-to-Car Communication

American carmaker Ford is working on an intelligent vehicle system that uses WiFi. Through WiFi, the system will transmit your vehicle’s exact location and recognize other vehicles in the area that have the same. By having these cars share systems, you can be warned of another oncoming car when you attempt to overtake another car in front of you, alert you of another car that’s about to go through a red light, or inform you of a stalled car in traffic several cars ahead. This technology may be featured as an option in select Ford models by Q4 of next year.

Improved Catalytic Converters and Exhausts

Hi-Tech Car Mods

Many aftermarket parts companies have decided to make a crucial part of a car system such as the exhaust and its connected components. These aftermarket mod-makers come up with their own catalytic converters that offer a variety of unusual features. There are high-flow types that reduce harmful emissions by producing a chemical reaction between various metals and exhaust fumes, then expelling the neutralized emissions out the exhaust. Most standard catalytic converters already do this, but the new aftermarket ones can do it faster and more efficiently. Installation is also easier, as some catalytic converters and their exhaust systems can be bolted on without welding. Apart from cutting down on emissions, these catalytic converters also boost torque and horsepower.

As 2019 nears its end, this year yielded interesting tech and products, and revealed new possibilities for automotive technology. Expect new ways to transform the way you navigate, monitor, and drive your car in the coming year.

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