Food Business Ideas for College Students + Fund Raising Tips

The heavy traffic in Metro Manila has brought upon a common idea forming in many people’s heads: quitting their jobs and starting a business instead. But if you’re still in college, you have to keep attending classes and graduate first. That means you can’t fully avoid the traffic just yet.

Although cases of college students dropping out to work full-time in a company aren’t all that uncommon, not everyone is willing to make the same sacrifice, so what can you do?

Putting your entrepreneurial skills to practice doesn’t require you to drop out at all, in case you’re thinking it’ll be impossible for you to start a business now. You can establish your business as a seasonal one, meaning you’d only operate during vacations, so you can dedicate the rest of the year for your studies. But if you believe that you’re ready for the big leap, then perhaps opening a restaurant is the way to go.

Food Business Ideas

Below are excellent restaurant business tips and ideas you can venture in while still in college, and money-saving tips to help you get started.

1. Freshly Baked Cookies

Soft, chewy, under-baked cookies don’t just look good on photos, but they taste heavenly, too. The sweetness makes it a good kick-starter for every college student who needs an energy booster, so expect them to line up for your product. Make them presentable and always fresh by putting them inside a tin can or a cute box. Baking cookies is also very easy; you can prepare the dough in advance and keep it frozen, so when a bunch of order comes, all you have to do is to pop them in the oven.

2. Native Filipino Pastries

Provincial delicacies are hard to come by in Manila. Buko pies, for example, are known to be a favorite of many, so why not make your own recipe of it? When you make the streusel topping just as crunchy and the fillings rich, you’d impress many people and gain their patronage. Who wouldn’t love it if they no longer have to travel far to get a fix of their favorite native dessert?

3. Milk Tea

The milk tea craze among Filipinos isn’t showing signs of slowing down, so if you love this beverage as well, maybe it’s a sign that you should try concocting your own version of it. Take note of the high competition you’ll face, as well as the demand. Your marketing strategy will be extremely crucial in this business because the market has learned how to distinguish between different tastes and quality. Make sure to have only the best suppliers of high-grade ingredients, and of course, the perfect recipe that will suit the taste buds of your target market.

4. Home-Cooked Spanish-Style Sardines

Meant for breakfast, Spanish-style sardines also taste good no matter what time of the day. It’s also easy to prepare and cook, plus it’s healthy, too. Just make sure your bottles or cans are sterilized before you pour your sardines in and that they’re tightly sealed.

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Money-Saving Tips to Start Your Business

You’re earning money from allowances, so make sure to spend them wisely. If your allowance covers your rent and food expenses, set aside the money for those right away so you won’t accidentally spend them on the wrong things. Limit your hangouts, too, so you can save up for your capital faster. If you need to buy textbooks, consider second-hand ones.

When you already saved up a few thousand pesos, open a savings account. You’ll most likely be given an ATM card, which adds to the temptation of spending more, so practice self-control and discipline. Remember that you have a goal of opening a business, so keep that in mind.

You’re never too young to start a business, so hone those skills now before facing the “real world” after graduation. If you succeed as a student and as an entrepreneur, you might never have to endure an 8-5 job.

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