The Contribution of Technology to the Change in the Cigarette Business

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The Contribution of Technology to the Change in the Cigarette Business

The cigarette industry has long been thriving with little disruption, and has been raking in billions of money each year, thanks to the aggressive advertisement in the 50s and 60s coming all the way to the 90s. The history of the technology behind the cigarettes has remained rather uncomplicated and unchanged, as was the case several decades ago. Nevertheless, the popularity of cigarettes that had been propelled by the excellent image and publicity in Hollywood films and advertisements has been waning over the years, as their adverse effects on health has become more apparent and accessible.

Technological advancements, changing preferences, and increased consumer awareness, among other factors, are quickly changing the tremendous market leadership that cigarettes had earned and enjoyed for several decades. Read on for an in-depth look at how technology is transforming the cigarette business in unimaginable ways.

The introduction of the e-cigarette

Technology development brought forth a new product in the smoking industry: electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes). The newcomer took the industry by storm since its introduction in the mid-2000s, and within no time started flooring the traditional cigarettes. The health hazards posed by cigarettes, their addictive nature, and the negative perception that had been heaped on them over the years worsened their situation, making the e-cigarettes more popular and drastically attracting more users to them.

Currently, e-cigarettes are available in over 200 brands, and their market is expanding in a big way. The population of vapers is still considerably small, as about 3% of US adults consume e-cigarettes regularly. The population of vapers is undoubtedly going to rise, since the e-cigarette manufacturers have started employing aggressive marketing strategies, similar to the ones used by cigarette companies in the 50s and 60s. E-cigarette users have their choice of e-cigs from various manufacturers, and it is upon them to choose the one that meets their needs and preferences. As a user, it is prudent to go for products from a well known company like Epuffer. Check out their market leadership and innovation in the vaping business at so that you can be sure you are using first-class e-cigarettes and other vaping products when you buy them.

Massive marketing in the era of social media

E-cigarette manufacturers have significantly leveraged technological advancements, which have brought forth more far-reaching and contemporary advertising methods to advertise the e-cigarettes. On the other hand, the traditional cigarette companies suffered a blow after their aggressive advertising tactics that used sponsored programs to reach the youth were banned. The advertisements for e-cigarettes capitalize on the idea that e-cigs are healthier than cigarettes, and that they are a better option for those desiring to kick their smoking habit. The e-cigarette companies are employing marketing techniques like social media marketing, telemarketing, emails, and free samples, among others, most of which are a bit more personalized than those used by cigarette companies.

Final words

The introduction and rise of e-cigarettes caused a dramatic disruption to the hitherto stable cigarette industry. Cigarette companies have braved the competition by coming up with their own e-cig brands and buying well performing e-cig companies. The positioning and presentation of the e-cigarettes as a healthier option and as a luxury product have contributed to their growing popularity and will still maintain such popularity, even as their regulation is well implemented. It is pretty obvious that technology has changed the cigarette business through the e-cigarette, which is here to stay, and it is high time all the concerned parties come to terms with it.

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