How to Deliver Better Customer Service Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

Customer Service

Good customer relationships are established over time — through customized experiences and met expectations, confirmed by repeated interactions. A crisis, however, tests the weaknesses and strengths in your customer relationship.

COVID-19 isn’t just any crisis. The pandemic has forced people to be physically separated from everyone. The “lockdown” nature of the pandemic has required businesses to adapt digital measures to continue business operations — including customer services.  

So how can you make this move smoothly? How can you adapt to current customer service tech trends?

Stay Calm; Focus on Your Customers

Amid any crisis, your first question should not be “How can I grab market share?” Instead, the immediate concern should be, “How can I help my customers right now?” Your customers, after all, are your most valuable stakeholders right now, and they are struggling with navigating some points of the new normal.

For example, people want to buy essential goods or use consultation services without direct human contact. Brands with the best price or offers are no match to brands that communicate honesty and build trust over time.

Are you reaching out to your customers when they need you? Do you provide them with easier means to purchase or learn more about your services?

Remember: the impact of your actions today may outlast the pandemic and defines the loyalty people have to your products and brands. The message and service you offer must be grounded in the actual needs and experience of your customers. When you know how to serve them now, they will be confident with your service in the future.

Customer Service

Make Digital More Human

In time of COVID-19, your business must be more human across virtual channels since customers can’t visit you physically. Brainstorm ways on how you can embed human interactions, surprise customers with caring gestures, and be honest with them.

For example, a customer will appreciate a call center that has a video call option with a service representative who is willing and well-trained to answer all of their questions. Video creates human interaction and shows customers the company is willing to prioritize the quality of the interaction.

If this is new to your business, do not fear failure. Instead, consider it as a hidden opportunity. For example, you can give your most loyal customers access to new programs. Also, consider what you can do for your customers, in general. Some online grocers, for example, are prioritizing online delivery to longtime customers.

If you show your customers that you’re doing everything to serve them — that you understand “business as usual” is not the priority right now — they will forgive your poor video connections and operational glitches. 

Forge a Better Future with Customers

COVID-19 has given businesses opportunities to offer better customer support despite the social distancing measures. The pandemic also teaches companies a great deal about the nature of collaboration and interaction, which leads to a deeper appreciation of putting people first. It also encourages brands to run the extra mile in serving their customers — even from afar.  

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