COVID-19 Real Estate Marketing: How Can Technology Speed Up the Sale?

Let’s state the obvious: Technology protects us from the virus. It allows us to sell real estate without having to meet face to face. Think about it. You don’t even need to have the buyer sign in person. The solution? Using an electronic signature. The electronic signature allows you to sign documents and pertinent papers without the need for being in the same place. It would be best if you observed the statutes of the law for the deal to be completed.

COVID-19 Real Estate Marketing

For many agents, there are still limits to what technology could do, as some owners prefer to see the place they intend to buy, while others want to meet the owners, agents and even the neighbors. But can technologyeven speed up the sales process? There are three ways technology can give your real estate sales numbers a bump.

1. Virtual Tours

For many real estate marketers, this is a lifesaver. It’s like having a movie preview. You can show your prospective client the highlights of the property without having him go over. It’s win-win situation for agents, buyers, and sellers.This is a good thing because you’re protected. You won’t have to worry about the risk of getting infected or infect anyone. That allows you to widen your reach. You can show the streaming technology to as many as you deem fit. It’s a marketer’s dream tool.

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As it uses VR technology, virtual tours are more effective than still pictures or plain text. You would definitely be able to sell better when you can show moving pictures of the house. Your clients get a feel of the property as if they are there physically.Even better, the digital media allows you to put everything in the best of light, branding it in the process. And like any tour, there is proper guidance from the realtor. The only difference is that this is prerecorded. That means you can display photos, walkthrough videos, and even 360 views of the house, not to mention floor plans.

However, a word of warning: streaming videos are not exempt from errors and mistakes, just like any marketing material. The key to your success in presenting the property in a virtual tour is proper planning. Identify which features and angles show the house’s best features and qualities.It’s also easier to level up with a virtual tour. On the internet, you can have just about anybody check things out quickly. You can cater to more prospects than otherwise possible.

2. Online Scheduling Technology

Real estate is a numbers game. Some will sign up; some won’t. But the important thing is you keep the line of people looking. Then your chances of landing a big fat commission rises.The problem is things can easily add up. With everything going on, you could be overwhelmed by all the schedules you need to meet, from the sellers who want to go over a listing to a potential buyer.

This is why a home buying app should be an option you should consider. You won’t have to be distracted while in a presentation, for instance, to attend to a client who wants to schedule an appointment. The prospect can schedule the appointment with you online.The app also facilitates your selling process. In short, you get everything organized. There’s space on the app for market listings, virtual tours, online meeting scheduling, and more. You can even transact inside the app. All this tells you one thing: you can speed things up as much as you want it to be. And as it makes the sales process seamless, the online schedule tool attracts more prospects than when you started. You are selling even if you’re away from the internet.

3.Self-touring Technology

Another great way to boost your sales is self tours. The idea is simple. People who want to check a property need not wait for the availability of the real estate agent. He can proceed to book a self-tour online. Once he gets hooked to the system, he can do the self-tour all by himself at his most convenient time.Wait, but what about the key? The key to the property will be made available too. It’s kept in one designated electronic box which the buyer can be given access to online.The advantage? More visits, more sales. An Entrata survey that goes way back in 2018 shows apartment hunters prefer self-touring tech over guided tours. You can do it anytime.

COVID-19 Real Estate Marketing

Self-tours are gaining more ground these days, with the pandemic still raging. It also makes life easy for both realtors and buyers. The buyer gets to go whenever he wants. And realtors have to stay in the comfort of their office or home without having to worry about tours.Technology can definitely help with your numbers. Your chances of closing the better buyers are at an all-time high, now more than ever.

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