Choosing the Right Laptop Based on How You’ll Use It

choosing a laptop

Many people can’t live without their smartphones. Apart from their traditional uses, smartphones also allow users to check their email, browse their social media feeds and the internet, count their steps or check their heart rates, and so much more. Regardless of the way smartphones have become part of our daily lives, however, there are still some things that a laptop can do better.

A laptop won’t fit in your pocket like a smartphone would. But it’s still compact enough for you to carry around. It’s also ideal for home use if you don’t have enough space at home for a desktop computer. Despite its size, a laptop can run some demanding applications for work and school. And much like many other gadgets that are available on the market, laptops are also great for games and leisure.

But with so many laptops available on the market, are you sure you’re using the right one for you?

There are so many features to choose from that you might feel overwhelmed at the options. If you’re planning to upgrade your laptop or finally make the switch from a desktop computer, keep these in mind:

  • Size: The go-to options are 12-to-14-inch-screen laptops. You may opt for a laptop with a smaller screen if you have kids who will use it for school. Alternatively, you may opt for a laptop with a larger screen if you’ll mostly be using it at home.
  • Internal Storage: Why pack a hard drive into your laptop bag when you can have a laptop with high internal storage capacity? Go for a laptop with at least 8 GB of RAM storage.
  • Battery Life: Battery life is one of the greatest concerns of laptop owners who use their computer on the go. After all, not all places will have a power outlet for you to charge the device. It’s best to get a laptop with at least 8 hours of battery life.
  • Operating System: The age-old debate of Mac vs Windows will probably never die. They’re both functional so at the end of the day, it’s really a matter of personal taste. You might also consider the Chrome OS if most apps you’ll use are on Google.

In addition to these features, you also have to think about the main use of your laptop.

If you’re using the laptop for school

COVID- 9 vaccination has already started but this doesn’t mean that distance learning will stop or that students will ignore their laptops. In fact, a productive student life still revolves around an efficient laptop.

A Chromebook laptop is your least complicated option. It’s good for internet browsing, video streaming, online research, file management, and media playback. This laptop with the Chrome OS is also generally more affordable than traditional Windows and Mac computers.

If you’re using the laptop for work

There’s a difference between using a laptop for online classes and using it for at least a third of your day to type up reports and meet your deadline. The latter takes a heavier toll on your laptop so you need a device with a stable processing system and software. 

The Apple MacBook Pro and the Lenovo ThinkPad are popular mobile workstations. They’re portable and instinctive. They also have a long battery life so you can use them for hours without charging.

If you’re using the laptop for games

Gaming laptops are typically the most expensive type of laptop. You need high-resolution screens, sharp graphics, lightning-quick processors, and consistently strong performance for an optimal gaming experience. Expect these laptops to be on the higher end of the price range, though. ;

But whatever you need a new laptop for, keep in mind that your first option isn’t always the best option. Study all your choices and ask around so that you’ll get your money’s worth for your final choice.

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