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Cricket is an exotic game where nothing is certain. Predicting things is not easy and you can never confirm who will win. And over that betting becomes more serious. Betting creates pressure on you because here your prediction costs money. If you win you will earn but if you lose it will cost your money because of a wrong prediction. When we lose, every penny feels important. But do not be scared to bet. Betting is a simple game of applying examination techniques. If you are a newbie or not able to win, here are some tips to make you win.

Betting tips
  1. Do not be emotional – The foremost thing while you bet is you need not be emotional and sentimental. Be practical and analytic, examine everything well than leaving it to your heart. We tend to be inclined towards our past favorite player or a team. Sometimes a team in the past wins our hearts but is not doing well in the present. Then you need to be careful that you do not bet on that team or player.
  2. Research Well – Before trying out anything, engage in deep research. Get to know well about the teams and players you are going to bet about. Know about their best performance, pitches they play the best, earlier records, weather, and all the rules of the game well. Betting before knowing about the game and rules can be the biggest mistake one can commit.
  3. Do not rush – Do not be in a hurry to just put the money. Be slow and steady, examine well before committing. There are different phases of the match and examine each phase well and don’t rush things but beware that you do not miss an important moment. Especially in the case of half-match bets where you can bet on different teams in both halves.
  4. Learn when you lose – Do not lose your heart and hope if you do not win any time. Rather learn what you did wrong. Did you rush, did you put a huge amount of money on an uncertain match or team. There are unpredictable uncertainties in every match, and no one can give the final verdict before even that last ball of the match. History has witnessed several people who turn out to be king of betting after losing numerous bets. They get more experience with time. You always earn when you lose.

Pro tip: There is a less known tip to betting. Bet from both sides. You may win though any of the team wins. A precaution in this method is to bet the amount of money which you can compensate for by winning. It should not happen that you win as a team and still lose money. 

So next time you think to bet, think over these tips and be prepared beforehand. Do not worry if it takes more time from your end but it’s better to be precautionary than lose money. Remember nothing can confirm your chances of winning. The probability is never one but not zero though.

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