The Foolproof Guide to Hiring the Best Landscaper

Your interest in hiring a landscape artist is dependent on how much work needs to be done and what you can contribute to the maintenance of the area to be landscaped. But before we get into all the nitty-gritty of maintaining a garden or a driveway, the first thing you should look into is the relationship between the client and the landscaper.

best landscaper

The relationship between these two parties will begin the moment a potential client decides to look for commercial landscaping services in Pelham. Even before you meet the landscape artist, there are myths and misconceptions in your head that have to be squashed by viable truths about this industry.

Hire only credible professionals

It is easy for burglars and unscrupulous individuals to pose as service workers only to monitor the comings and goings in your home. This gives them a chance to break in when nobody’s at home. This is why it’s important that you ask to see certifications and licenses before hiring a landscape artist. You also need to see their identification cards and make sure to get a copy of those for your protection. Another thing you should look into is an iron-clad contract that stipulates the names, addresses, and ID numbers of the workers, as well as the liabilities that both parties may need to answer in cases of theft and burglary.

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Check the landscaper’s certifications

All states except for Illinois, Massachusetts, Maine, and D.C. require landscape architects to be licensed and except for D.C., all 50 states require a license before an individual or a company can use the title “landscape architect.” You need to look into the company’s CLARB Certification, their landscapers’ bachelor’s or master’s degrees in landscape architecture, their memberships in the International Society of Arboriculture, American Society of Landscape Architects, Association of Professional Landscape Designers, Landscape Contractor Licenses, National Association of Landscape Professionals, and National Arborists Association.

best landscaper

Require proof of insurance

Landscape projects aren’t exactly cheap. In fact, they could be one of the most expensive home projects. But although homeowners and business owners know that landscape projects can set them back, they do not expect to lose a large chunk of their savings (or even their homes) to fix a bad landscape job. If a landscape company is not properly insured, its workers may sue you if there are accidents that resulted in injury during the course of doing the landscaping job in your homes or offices. Before doing business with a landscape contractor, check for proof of worker’s compensation insurance and general liability insurance. Each policy should amount to at least $500,000 up to $1 million.

Consider the long-term maintenance

The relationship between the contractor and the client does not end immediately after the landscape project. Some companies offer warranties for their work, which means you can reach out to them in the event that plants die prematurely or a marble fountain collapsed after a storm. Make sure that you and the landscaper are clear about the limits and scope of the responsibilities after the project was finished.

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